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Wacipi (Pow Wow) Native American Artists Prints



- Premium High Gloss, 250gsm Resin Coated Paper (Gallery Quality)
- Gallery Quality Giclee Printing
- Size is 11inch x 17inch
- Authenticity Certificate is placed on the back of the print indicating above information and Artist details.
- Each print comes with the exclusive Lakota story, handed down by Melvin War Eagles relatives through the generations (see below)
- Print will we rolled up and sent in a protective cylinder pack
- Artist biography is included


WACIPI (Pow Wow) - Native American Artists Prints

Long ago, Wacipi (they dance) was known as a healing Ceremony, which was headed by the Spiritual leader of the Tribe, the Medicine Man. Many Wacipi’s were, and are still performed, one such dance is the Sun Dance which consisted of a number of rituals over days. Even though these Spiritual Ceremonies are still practiced, the word Wacipi in modern times has taken on a more general meaning; the Celebration of Nations through dance. (Pow Wow). With this in mind, this deign celebrates the combination of our modern day Pow Wow, with all it’s color and collection of Native cultures, with the more grounded and original meaning of Wacipi; Blue meaning Taku Skanskan (the Heavens), indicating a sacred undertaking, Green celebrating Grandmother Earth, and Orange is the Sun (Wi) the Chief of the Gods.

Artist's Say on the Wacipi (Pow Wow) Native American Artists Prints

Hanblechia Designs. Native American Artist Prints, Melvin War Eagle, Home Decor, Interior Design"In 2015 I had been traveling the Pow Wow Circuit and was amazed at the wonderful dances drummers and singers at these events. This design was the atmosphere I felt when attending the Wacipis; excitement and cultural connections all at once. The mixture of colors show that even though some may say "how pretty everything looks", each color and design has a meaning and connection to the person wearing it"..... Melvin War Eagle.




Pow Wow Home Decor Gallery Prints - Hanblechia Designs Pow Wow Home Decor Gallery Prints - Hanblechia Designs
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