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Let's Celebrate Native American Silk Scarf



  • 100% Satin Silk  – Satin Silk will give the feeling of bearly there, yet at the same time the shimmer within the fabric brings the design to life
  • Long Last Print - The vibrancy of the designs is one thing we have worked hard on. You will love it
  • Generous 92cm x 92cm (36" x36") - Just the right size to bring a touch of flair and elegance to any outfit. 
  • BONUS - Each design has a legendary Native American Indian story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Your product holds this Cultural connection within it's fibers.

Long ago, Wacipi (they dance) was known as a healing Ceremony, which was headed by the Spiritual leader of the Tribe, the Medicine Man. Many Wacipi’s were, and are still performed, one such dance is the Sun Dance, which consisted of a number of rituals over days. Even though these Spiritual Ceremonies are still practiced, the word Wacipi in modern times has taken on a more general meaning; the Celebration of Nations through dance. (Pow Wow). With this in mind, this deign celebrates the combination of our modern day Pow Wow, with all it’s color and collection of Native cultures, with the more grounded and original meaning of Wacipi; Blue meaning Taku Skanskan (the Heavens), indicating a sacred undertaking, Green celebrating Grandmother Earth, and Orange is the Sun (Wi) the Chief of the Gods.

Artist's Say 

"In 2015, I had been traveling the Pow Wow Circuit and was always amazed at the dancers, drummers, and singer at these events. This design is the atmosphere I felt when attending the Wacipi; excitement and cultural connection all at once."...... Melvin War Eagle. 


Native American Luxury Satin Silk Scarf Let's Celebrate Native American Silk Scarf Let's Celebrate Native American Silk Scarf