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The Four Directions Gallery Prints



Artist Signed Open Edition print.

- Premium High Gloss, 250gsm Resin Coated Paper (Gallery Quality)

- Gallery Quality Giclee Printing

- Size is 11inch x 17inch

- Authenticity Certificate is placed on the back of the print indicating above information and Artist details.

- Each print comes with the exclusive Lakota story, handed down by Melvin War Eagles relatives through the generations (see below)

- Print will we rolled up and sent in a protective cylinder pack

- Artist biography is included



Lakota believe that all things good are within the sacred circle and through the Medicine Wheel, it teaches us about the seasons, life, the Animal Nations, and the Four Directions. These are all seen in the four parts of the Medicine Wheel. Black is the West, and this is the representation of infancy; a time of truth and honesty when the connection to the spirit world is strong. Red is the North, and this is the representation of youth; a time of growing. Yellow is the East, and this is the representation of adulthood; a time of recognition and respect. White is the South, and this is the representation of old age; a time of great wisdom, and the keepers of our traditions. The ones that keep the Lakota ways alive.

Hanblechia Designs, Melvin War Eagle, Native American Art, Home Decor, Wall Art, Interior Decorating

Four Directions Home Decor Gallery Prints - Hanblechia Designs Four Directions Home Decor Gallery Prints - Hanblechia Designs
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