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The Connection Silk Scarf

  • 100% Satin Silk  – Satin Silk will give the feeling of bearly there, yet at the same time the shimmer within the fabric brings the design to life
  • Long Last Print - The vibrancy of the designs is one thing we have worked hard on. You will love it
  • Generous 92cm x 92cm (36" x36") - Just the right size to bring a touch of flair and elegance to any outfit. 

BONUS - Each design has a legendary Native American Indian story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Your product holds this Cultural connection within it's fibers

Lakota mythology states that prior to birth, when we are still in the spiritual world, one must enter the physical world through the middle of the Big Dipper. This is the place were the Old Woman (Blue Woman), lives and decides who may pass through. Once in the physical world, our whole purpose is to grow spiritually. This goal is achieved by passing the Four Stages of life; birth, youth, middle age, and old age, always growing through life's experiences. At journeys end we must pass back through the middle of the Big Dipper, here the Old Woman decides of we have completed our life's journey, and can enter back into the spiritual world, or of we have not learned the lessons needed, and must be reborn into the physical world. This Connection to the world above and the world below is always an ongoing circle, linking us to the ancestors.

The Connection Silk Scarf The Connection Red Black Luxury Scarf - Hanblechia Designs Native American Luxury Satin Silk Scarf