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Mysteries of the Stars Xlarge Silk Shawl



  • 100% Habutai Silk  – A soft and comfortable material that flatters all shapes. 
  • 8mm Weight - A light, yet strong material
  • Generous 168cm x 112cm Size - Xlarge size to completely wrap around your neck or can even be worn as a shawl.  
  • BONUS -  Each design has a legendary Native American Indian story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Your Sarong holds this Cultural connection within its fibers. 

To the Lakota, the stars were considered very mysterious, and at the same time, very sacred (wakan). It was believed that our relatives were the stars above and they were seen as living in great order and structure. So strongly was this belief, that the Lakota living on earth would mimic their relatives, by moving camp where they were shown to by the constellations. Certain ceremonies were adhered to along this path, which followed a distinct circle around such sites as; Black Hills to Stone Butte, and completing the circle at Bear Butte, where the Great Mystery lives. This design pays homage to the stars (our ancestors) and the sacred (wakan) path that was taken by all Lakota during the winter camp; the embodiment of the sacred circle.   

Artist's Say on the Mysteries of the Stars Design

Hanblechia Designs, Melvin War Eagle, Brown Bandana, Bandanas, Native American Fashion, Fashion, Fashion Trends, fashion Blogger"This design, like the Morning Star Umbrella design, was created to pay respect to the old ones. This particular story was something that I had just learned and found that on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations, there is a group of elders who are the Keepers of the Star Knowledge. I had though this type of knowledge was gone, but thankfully I was wrong. Each of these members had their gifts handed down to them, which brought me to another point; how important it is to share our stories with the young ones, no matter what culture you come from, this is essential for the understanding of life around us all" ..... Melvin War Eagle.





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