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Honor and Strength Red Black Bandana Neck/ Head Scarf



  • 100% High Grade Cotton  – This cotton is so good, the more you wash it the more it gets softer. All you have to do is give it a good hand wash in cool washer.
  • Long Last Print - The vibrancy of the designs is one thing we have worked hard on. This bright look last throughout many washes.
  • Generous 56cm x 56cm (22" x 22") - Just the right size to wear around the neck or head.
  • BONUS - Each design has a legendary Native American Indian story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Your product holds this Cultural connection within it's fibers

Color and symbols were very important to the Native Americans, telling others about the person’s intent, attributes, status and their spirit helpers. The hand print, for instance, symbolized success in battle and was considered a great honor for a warrior to paint his favorite horse with such a symbol. In this designs the hand prints are painted red, indicating that the wearer has strength, power, success, honor, and the protection of the Sacred Spirit.

Artist's Say on the Honor and Strength Red Black Bandana Neck/ Head Scarf

Hanblechia Designs, Melvin War Eagle, Bandanas, Black Bandana, Red Bandana, Native American Bandana, Scarves, Re"The Red Black Bandana - Honor and Strength was a design that I always wanted to do, but because these type of symbols are no longer used in everyday life, I had to do a bit of research by asking my elderly aunt and uncle. Both of them are an amazing wealth of knowledge on everyday Lakota life and rituals from the past. I am forever in awe at how much they know, even about the most obscure things. Like I had mention before, there is so much information that drives my designs and brings them to life, but I can only fit so much into the label. That is why I wanted to concentrate on the symbolic significance of designs and colors. For it was basically the unspoken word that was projected to others that carried more strength than the spoken. This was the case, not only in battle but in everyday life. I suppose it is just like the saying goes, actions speak louder than words"...... Melvin War Eagle.

Luxury Cotton Honor and Strength Red Black Bandana Neck/ Head Scarf Fashion Ideas

 Red Bkack Bandana, Fashion, Womens Fashion, Mens Fashion, Native American BandanaRed Black Bandana, Fashion, Womens fashion, Mens Fashion, Native American Bandana