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Father Time - Native American Artist Prints - Gallery Quality



Native American Artist Prints - Signed Open Edition.

- Premium High Gloss, 250gsm Resin Coated Paper (Gallery Quality)

- Gallery Quality Giclee Printing

- Size is 11inch x 17inch

- Authenticity Certificate is placed on the back of the print indicating above information and Artist details.

- Each print comes with the exclusive Lakota story, handed down by Melvin War Eagles relatives through the generations (see below)

- Print will we rolled up and sent in a protective cylinder pack

- Artist biography is included



Lakota mythology states that prior to birth, when we are still in the spiritual world, one must enter the physical world through the middle of the Big Dipper. This is the place where Blue Woman lives, she is the one who decides who may pass though. Once in the physical world, our whole purpose is to learn and grow spiritually. This goal is achieved by passing through the four stages of life; birth, youth, middle age and old age, always growing through life’s experiences. At journeys end we must pass back through the middle of the Big Dipper, here, Blue Woman decides if we have completed our journey, and can go back into the spiritual world, or if we have not leaned the lessons needed , we must be reborn into the physical world. This design represents our birth into the physical world (the brightest feathers of youth) to our journey’s end (the dark feathers of wisdom and old age).

Artist's Say on Native American Artist Prints - The Drum Keepers

Hanblechia Designs. Melvin War Eagle, Bandanas, Black Bandana, Native American Bandanas, Native Art, fashion, Fashionista, Womensfashion, Mensfashion, "The Father Time design was given to me in a dream. The cycle of one's life, their goals, their path, was shown to me. No matter the age we are, we all have a path to follow. There was more shown to me, but that was given to me only, sorry. This design helped me to understand the death of my father and the gifts and achievements he passed through in his own life ."..... Melvin War Eagle.


Native American Artist Prints - The Drum Keepers

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