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Drum Keepers Gallery - Native American Artist Prints



Native American Artist Prints - Signed Open Edition Print.

- Premium High Gloss, 250gsm Resin Coated Paper (Gallery Quality)
- Gallery Quality Giclee Printing
- Size is 11inch x 17inch
- Authenticity Certificate is placed on the back of the print indicating above information and Artist details.
- Each print comes with the exclusive Lakota story, handed down by Melvin War Eagles relatives through the generations (see below)
- Print will we rolled up and sent in a protective cylinder pack
- Artist biography is included


THE DRUM KEEPERS - Native American Artist Prints

Native Americans of all Tribes, as well as the Lakota, believe the Drum (Concega) to be a living breathing life source. It is understood that the Drum's spirit is very powerful and mysterious (wakan). When the Drum is played it is carrying the heart beat of Mother Earth and calls all the Spirit Nations together for celebration and ceremony, So sacred is the Drum to the Lakota, that a man may be chosen to be a Drum Keeper (Concega Yuha) and must treat the Drum with the upmost of respect. Certain rituals are strictly adhered to by the Drum Keepers, and food, blankets, and even names are given to the Drum, for it is it's living source that connects us to the Great Father.

Artist's Say on Native American Artist Prints - The Drum Keepers

Hanblechia Designs. Melvin War Eagle, Bandanas, Black Bandana, Native American Bandanas, Native Art, fashion, Fashionista, Womensfashion, Mensfashion, "This one I basically had in my head. For many years I played in a band as lead guitar, base guitar and singer. I had always loved music and liked the way it made peope feel. The power of music seems to breakdown all barriers; cultural, language. Because of this powerful effect, Native Americans believe that the instrument itself is a living thing, especially the Drum."..... Melvin War Eagle.


Native American Artist Prints - The Drum Keepers

Drum Keepers Home Decor Gallery Prints - Hanblechia Designs Drum Keepers Home Decor Gallery Prints - Hanblechia Designs
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