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Dream Keeper Large Silk Scarf Shawl

  • 100% Habutai Silk  – A soft and comfortable material that flatters all shapes. 
  • 8mm Weight - A light, yet strong material
  • Generous 168cm x 112cm Size -Large size to completely wrap around your neck or can even be worn as a shawl.  
  • BONUS -  Each design has a legendary Native American Indian story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Your Sarong holds this Cultural connection within its fibers. 

Long ago an old Medicine Man had a vision, which Iktomi, the Spider appeared to him. Iktomi picked up the Medicine Man's willow hoop and began spinning a web in it. He told the man that through each stage of life there are good and bad forces. The good will give good directions and the bad will give bad life directions. Iktomi gifted the Medicine Man the web so it could help the people to make good use of their visions and dreams. The good dreams will be caught and passed on to the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, and the bad dreams will be pushed through the center, no longer a part of their lives.