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Crazy Horse Dreaming Silk Blend Sarong Wrap

  • 100% Habutai Silk  – A soft and comfortable material that flatters all shapes. 
  • 8mm Weight - A light, yet strong material
  • Generous 168cm x 112cm Size - Just the right size to engulf your body and legs. 
  • BONUS -  Each design has a legendary Native American Indian story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Your Sarong holds this Cultural connection within it's fibers. 

Crazy Horse (Tashunke Witco) was known by the people as a brave and powerful warrior. When Tashunke Witco was a boy he had a vision of a man riding a war horse covered in yellow spots. The man on the horse had blue spots on his body and a yellow zig zag running down his cheek. Arrows and bullets were being shot at the man and his horse, but they went through him, leaving him unharmed. The vision that Tashanke Witco experienced was the power of the Thunder Beings, the yellow and blue spots were the hail and rain and the yellow zig zag was the lightening. This gift of the Thunder Beings to Crazy Horse shaped the rest of his life and created the legend of what it meant to be a Lakota Warrior. This design pays homage to this great vision and the man himself.