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"Hanbleceya" is the Lakota word for seeking/ crying for a vision. This is a sacred ceremony performed by the Lakota. Hanblechia Designs is the vision Melvin War Eagle is given by his ancestors and the spirits.

Founded in 2013, Hanblechia Designs is the creation of Native American Artist and Designer, Melvin War Eagle.

Melvin War Eagle (Wanbli Ozuye) was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Melvin’s influences have been his own ancestors, all masters of their own Art, Storytelling, and Medicine.

As a boy, Melvin was continually surrounded by Lakota symbols and designs of his ancestors. Many of the elders would tell the stories of the old ways and the spirits of the land. Generations of culture and legends have flowed through Melvin’s veins from boyhood, compelling him to show the world, through Native American Art and stories, what it meant, not only to be Lakota in modern times but the connection within all of us.

This reflection of traditional ancestral art, combined with a contemporary modern twist, pushes Melvin to express his artwork in unique ways; forever inventing new approaches between art, story, and fashion. This is why Melvin’s artwork is displayed on a variety of media (including Gallery quality prints , high-grade textiles). Yet, Melvin War Eagle can not simply be slotted into the Native Category, for his exceptional designs are the product of modern life, transcending beyond the boundaries of everyday fashion, producing, what could only be called, magnificence and inspirational.