Native American Chicken Dance

I am getting ready to visit the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico to show off our latest collections. However, before i go i wanted to bring to life an article that i had wrote about last year, "The Gift of the Prairie Chicken Nation". This is called the Chicken Dance. Many people would of seen this at a pow wow (wacipi), but the origins is what brings the soul to this sacred dance.

The Prairie Chicken Dance (or Chicken Dance) is one of the oldest forms of Native American dancing. There is some controversy over the origin of this dance, however, what can be agreed upon though, is that it was a sacred dance (of the Kiitoki Society), given to a Warrior by the spirit of a Prairie Chicken.

Blackfoot Warriors from the Kiitoki Society.

Long, long ago, legend tells of a Warrior who was out hunting. As he was searching for food he came upon a thumping noise that resonated through the earth. The man’s curiosity impelled him to search further and follow the strange vibrations traveling up through him body. As he walked closer, the sound became louder and more intense, and when he reached to area where the noise was resonating from he saw a group of Prairie Chickens dancing in the long grass.

Sharptail Grouse of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

So, as the Warrior watches one particular Prairie Chicken doing his dance, he lifts up his bow, aims and kills it. The Warrior takes the Prairie Chicken back to his camp and the women cook it up and everyone feasts on it. As the night progresses and everyone is full, a clam befalls the camp and all settle down to sleep for the night. The Warrior quickly falls into slumber and as he is in a deep sleep, the Prairie Chicken’s spirit appears to him in his dream. “Why did you kill me?” , he said to the Warrior, “for I was doing a sacred dance for my great Nation”. The Warrior replied with great appreciation for the Prairie Chicken’s sacrifice, “My family was hungry and needed to eat”. The Prairie Chicken understood the Warrior’s needs and accepted his humble reply by honoring him and teaching him the sacred dance of the Prairie Chicken Nation. As the sun rose in the sky, and the Warrior awoke from his dream, he told his people about the Prairie Chicken’s visit and the gift he gave to the People. 

OH.... Here's a great video of the Men's Chicken Dance

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